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SymWriter 2

Download the latest version SymWriter and FREE 21 day trial version

Version: 2.3.0


United States version NB: The files on this page are for the United States only.

For other languages, please click on the appropriate flag:

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SymWriter 2

This download includes the latest version of SymWriter 2 and the free Wordlist Manager utility.


Note: You will need the Licence Key of your current version of Symwriter to upgrade. See our Technical Support page for help on obtaining it.


SymWriter 2 and First Keys 3

This download includes the latest versions of SymWriter 2, First Keys 3 and the free Wordlist Manager utility.


IMPORTANT: If you already have First Keys but would also like to install SymWriter, you must download this version.

The programs share some files and features, and mixing up old and new could stop them from working

Licence Keys

If you do not know or have lost your licence key for SymWriter or First Keys, you can find help to recover it on the Technical Support page.

Trial Versions

If you would like to try SymWriter 2 or First Keys 3, you can use the download to install 21-day trial versions of the programs. The trial versions have all the same features as the regular program and you can request a trial key during the installation process.

Network Installations

Network administrators can download a special version of the installer from the 'Network Installation' page.

Installation Documents

The download will guide you though the installation process and you can find full instructions here:

download pdf Installing SymWriter 2

download pdf Activating SymWriter 2

download pdf SymWriter 2 Manual

Windows XP

If you are installing SymWriter 2 on Windows XP you need to have Service Pack 3 installed.
More information about Service Pack 3

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